Huruma Kenya High Plateau (12oz.)🏆 Top 10 World's Best Coffee

Budgie Lou Brew Coffee & Co. Every Cup Saves a Senior Pup Huruma Kenya High Plateau Single Origin Artisan Roasted Coffee Subscription to Save Senior Dogs beans roast to order. Artisan roasted single origin delivery. Kenya Single origin coffee subscription. Kenya Single Origin Coffee gift.

Huruma Kenya High Plateau (12oz.)🏆 Top 10 World's Best Coffee

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Compassion In A Cup Of The World's Best Beans

Did you know 'Huruma' means compassion in Swahili?

The flavor brightness of this top 10 coffee in the world is only outmatched by the brightness you bring to the lives of senior dogs your purchase helps save.

☕️ Medium-Light: No surface oil on the bean and regarded as one of the world's brightest coffees. Full bodied, strong and a smooth acidity, you'll find this unparalleled coffee florally fragrant, complete with a wine finish and berry/citrus overtones. 


🔥 Roasted to an internal temperature of +/- 410º F.  This is near the end of the first -- or beginning of the second -- crack or pop of the bean as the heat causes them to expand in size.

This roasting style is renowned for highlighting the unique, vibrant character of this luscious, prized bean.

❤️🐾 Why We Roast: A percentage of your purchase goes to Senior Dog Rescue - helping older, abandoned dogs find hospice care, foster families & forever homes.

🚀Shipped in a 12oz., valved stay fresh bag. Always freshly roasted-to-order.

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