Budgie Lou's Bali Blue Organic 💙 Farm Direct, Single Origin (12oz.)

Budgie Lou's Bali Blue Organic (12oz.)💙 Farm Direct, Single Origin, Medium-Dark Roast

Budgie Lou's Bali Blue Organic 💙 Farm Direct, Single Origin (12oz.)

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A Rare Gem Of A Bean 

🌋Handpicked in Bali's Kintamani Highlands of Mt. Agung's volcanic region, these cherished emerald's will make your mornings feel like royalty!

The system of irrigation used to water these plants was designed more than 1,000 years ago.

☕️ Medium-Dark: A richer roast with some oil beginning to show on the surface of the bean. They're truly blue before we roast!

    • A full bodied complexity of dark molasses and caramel punched with a tropical fruitiness you'll only find in this bean roasted fresh and delivered at peak flavor.
    • Handpicked, wet-hulled and a two-step drying on raised beds
    • Harvested from May-October at an altitude of 1200-1600m

🇮🇩Single-Origin, Organic, Farm Direct

🔥 Roasted to an internal temperature of 437-450ºF.  This is near the end of the first -- or beginning of the second -- crack or pop of the bean as the heat causes them to expand in size.

This roasting style is renowned for highlighting the unique, vibrant character of this luscious, rare bean.

❤️🐾 Why We Roast: A percentage of your purchase goes to Senior Dog Rescue - helping older, abandoned dogs find hospice care, foster families & forever homes.

🚀Shipped in a 12oz., valved bag. Always freshly roasted-to-order.

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