Be My Furbaby 💋 Dark Chocolate French Roast (12oz)

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Be My Furbaby 💋 Dark Chocolate French Roast (12oz)

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Make Your Valentine's Tastebuds Flutter Like Love At First Fetch!

Savor our newest, most intense dark chocolate and caramel roast. The aroma alone can make Cupid surrender the quiver to his caffeine addiction!

Just like tennis balls and slobber, our Be My Furbaby Valentine's blend is a perfect match for:

  • dark chocolate pastries
  • milk chocolates
  • hazelnuts 
  • stout beer
  • a full-bodied cabernet
  • a bold Shiraz 

☕️ Intense Dark: A surface sheen of oil on beans midnight black and bursting with dark chocolate. This smoky treat delights with burnt brown sugars, caramels and smooth spice.

💝Limited Edition Label: We know your dog has the key to your heart, but this also makes the perfect Valentine's gift for the #1 coffee-loving human in your life!

🔥Roasted to an internal temperature of 465-480°F.  This is near the second crack or pop of the bean as the heat causes them to expand in size. The art of roasting really gets to shine here in a way you'll never savor with coffees sitting on shelves or in storage.

We let the smoke seduce the burnt sugar and blissful deep chocolate from the beans in way that will make the most hard-hearted beg for more...

🙏🏽🐾 Why We Roast: A percentage of your purchase goes to Senior Dog Rescue - helping older, abandoned dogs find hospice care, foster families & forever homes.

🚀Shipped in a 12oz., valved stay fresh bag. Always craft roasted on demand with love.

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