Barkin' Boost Blend 💥 Extra Caffeinated (12oz)

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Barkin' Boost Blend 💥 Extra Caffeinated (12oz)

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Wake Up Bright-Eyed & Bushy Tailed With Our Extra Caff Blend!

We don't always wake up with the eye of the tiger...

That's why we made Barkin' Boost Blend with extra caffeine to help you shake a tail feather...

...because being dog-tired is for the birds!

☕️ Medium: A richer, darker bean with some surface oil beginning to show. Acidity is slightly muted but bean characteristics still preserved with a hint of spiciness. Heavy-bodied and aromatic.

⚡️Extra caffeinated: Now go forth and fulfill your destiny with your furbaby!

🔥Roasted to an internal temperature of 437-450°F.  This is near the beginning-middle of the second crack or pop of the bean as the heat causes them to expand in size.

❤️🐾 Why We Roast: A percentage of your purchase goes to Senior Dog Rescue - helping older, abandoned dogs find hospice care, foster families & forever homes.

🚀Shipped in a 12oz., valved stay fresh bag. Always freshly roasted-to-order.



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