6 Bean Bow Wow Wow! 🐾 Espresso (12 oz.)

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6 Bean Bow Wow Wow! 🐾 Espresso (12 oz.)

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An Exotic Blend to Keep Your Tail Waggin'!

A meticulous blend of coffees curated from Indonesia, Africa, South and Central America.

Guaranteed to help you hit your belly rub quota!

☕️Dark: A chocolate-to-black colored bean with a sheen of surface oil that often appears in the cup. Smoky, strong burst of coffee flavor due to roasting process with less caffeine compared to other roasts. Yep, espresso actually contains less caffeine compared to most brewed coffees.

⚖️Makes for a very well-balanced espresso. Moreover, a great base for blended drinks as well cold brew.

🔥Roasted to an internal temperature of 465-480º F. This is about the second crack or pop of the bean as the heat causes them to expand in size. We custom blend these six beans when you order and then -- as always -- roast them freshly right before delivery. 

❤️🐾Why We Roast: A percentage of your purchase goes to Senior Dog Rescue - helping older, abandoned dogs find hospice care, foster families & forever homes.

🚀Shipped in a 12oz., valved stay fresh bag

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